Jazz for the Earth CD

A brilliant recording of the Presbybop Sextet and guest soloist David Liebman. This CD features the "Beyond Banff" suite, a six-movement major work by pianist/composer Bill Carter. Buy it on CD Baby or listen and buy on Bandcamp

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Jazz Noel DVD/CD

As seen on PBS! Here is a live concert of swinging Christmas music, as presented by Bill Carter and his special edition Presbybop Christmas Eve Band. It is a stirring hour-long set in a dual DVD and CD package.  Buy it on CD Baby or Hear/Buy it on Bandcamp

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Jazz Belongs in Church

Why not jazz? This DVD explores how this swinging musical tradition can energize and deepen religious experience. A noted pastor, preacher, and jazz musician, Carter shows how the church can benefit from opening its doors and its arms to jazz.

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Interior Window

Interior Window explores the spiritual power of music. We have put together a new suite of tunes that are equally evocative and provocative. "This is music for the sake of contemplation," declares composer Bill Carter, "but there is nothing boring or repetitive about it. This is jazz to nourish the soul." Buy it on CD Baby or Hear/Buy at Bandcamp  

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Listening for Selah: Psalms Without Words Live

This DVD features a complete set from the Scranton Jazz Festival, with full performances of eight tunes. The outstanding band includes pianist and composer Bill Carter, Jeff Stockham on trumpet and French horn, Michael Carbone on saxophones, Tony Marino on bass, and Tom Whaley on drums. Buy at CD Baby 

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Psalms Without Words

Drawing inspiration from the majestic red rock formations of New Mexico and the mystical Hebrides Islands of Scotland, the twenty-two compositions are instrumental jazz interpretations of ancient psalms from the Hebrew Scriptures. Buy it at CD Baby  

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Welcome Home

A swinging collaboration between Bill Carter, the Presbybop Quartet, and vocalist Warren Cooper. Includes eleven great jazz performances, as Bill and Warren re-interpret some of the spirituals and songs of the church. Buy now at CD Baby  

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Stand On Your Head

"A versatile and tasteful pianist, Bill Carter especially shows his strength as a composer on this CD. Using a wide variety of jazz styles as starting points, Carter creates ten appealing compositions (and a fascinating arrangement of a familiar tune) with the appealing melodic lines that are often shortchanged in many pure jazz compositions." (from George Graham's liner notes)  Buy it at CD Baby 

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John According to Jazz

A tuneful presentation of the Gospel of John, with renowned storyteller Dennis Dewey. Bill and the band "accompany" the story as Dennis tells it live in the studio. The Bible is brought alive by these five creative artists!  Buy at CD Baby  

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Fragile Incarnation

Here is a Christmas album that you will enjoy it all year long. Like other artists, our quartet has attempted to touch intangible truths that forms. We give the tunes our spin - with enthusiasm, reverence, and joy - always hoping to glimpse the Mystery that first brought them to birth.  Buy at CD Baby

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Dancing Day

"Dancing Day" is an album that will draw in listeners again and again. Whether it's the lyrical piano improvisations of the leader, the surging energy of sax, bass, and drums, or the interplay between four talented musicians, "Dancing Day" is guaranteed to improve your day.  Listen/Buy at Bandcamp (at an incredible discount!)

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