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  1. Welcome Home

From the recording Welcome Home

<p>Warren and Bill did this song for a large crowd of Presbyterian clergy immediately after a sermon by theologian Walter Brueggemann. Afterward the preacher came up and asked if we had recorded it. We thought that maybe we should. Original instrumental version is recorded on the Fragile Incarnation album</p>


<p>My soul is so tired from the roads that I've wandered, and hope withers from my despair.</p>
<p>Been so close, yet so far, as I count broken blessings. Will someone notice I'm here?</p>
<p>I watch for a light to shine in the window. I wait to hear one call my name.</p>
<p>And I hunger to know if I'm welcome or wanted. Will someone gather me in? &nbsp;</p>
<p>"Welcome home, all you worn-out and weary. Welcome home, all strangers of grace.</p>
<p>Welcome home, all hungry and poor. The door opens wide, find your place."</p>
<p>The table is set, the bread smells delicious. The wine is poured out for the world.</p>
<p>And I know that I cannot ever outrun such mercy. The Father says, "Welcome home."</p>
<p>God says right now, &ldquo;Welcome home. God says right here, "Welcome home."</p>
<p>&copy; Presbybop Music</p>