Episode 32 - Our Feet Began to Pray 

We welcome bassist David Chevan and pianist Warren Byrd. As co-founders of the Afro-Semitic Experience, they have created a dynamic ensemble rooted in the holy work of liberation. Whether they are updating African American spirituals, rearranging Jewish songs, or creating new music of their own, they will model what it means for jazz to address the work of justice. This show coincides with the long-awaited release of their album, “Our Feet Began to Pray.” Be sure to check it out at https://afrosemiticexperience.net/

Warren and David have given us permission to include two cuts from the album on our podcast:

  • “Unity in the Community” 
  • “My Feet Began to Pray” 

© The Afro-Semitic Experience. Music used by permission. Order the album at the link above!

Theme music: "All Thumbs" from Faith in a New Key, Bill Carter and the Presbybop Quartet
Music used by permission from Presbybop Music (BMI)
Announcer: Chris Norton

© Presbybop Music.

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