Episode 35 - Cultivating the Artistic Life 

This episode continues our lively conversation with pianist Bill Mays. We explore his writing (and sometimes, his lack of “writing”) for the jazz trio. Bill shares some of the ways that he cultivates creativity in his life and tells us about his book of musical stories. Then the conversation moves from the podcast studio to the performing stage, as co-host Bill Carter asks the Mays Trio to tell us what it’s like to make music together. Between all the talking, we share excerpts of a live trio performance of the Mays tune, “Sun of the East.”  

Music in this episode:

  • “Sun of the East,” composed by Bill Mays © No Blooze Music, recorded live in performance and used by permission. All rights reserved. Bill’s music is available at www.billmays.net.
  • We recommend Bill’s book, Stories of the Road, the Studios, Sidemen, and the Singers, also available on www.billmays.net.
  • Interested in hearing Bill’s two-hour show on “A Brief History of Jazz”? You can enjoy it on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZCWXXNYzgg

Theme music: "All Thumbs" from Faith in a New Key, Bill Carter and the Presbybop Quartet
Music used by permission from Presbybop Music (BMI)
Announcer: Chris Norton

© Presbybop Music.

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