Episode 2 - The WOW Moment 

Here’s one thing that musicians and listeners have in common: the possibility of a transcendent moment. Bill tells a treasured family story about a Louis Armstrong concert in 1955. In many ways, that concert shaped his destiny even before he was alive. Jazz has a special super power to make a room come alive. We hear about the experience of bassist Christian McBride, performing with pianist McCoy Tyner. And we recall a “moment” marked by Thomas Merton, the monk who was a jazz lover. And if that isn’t enough, our friend David Liebman (deemed a Jazz Master by the National Endowment of the Arts) reveals what he aims for as a creative musician. 

 Featured music: “Welcome Home” from Welcome Home 

Theme music: "All Thumbs" from Faith in a New Key, Bill Carter and the Presbybop Quartet 
Music used by permission from Presbybop Music (BMI) 
Announcer: Chris Norton 
(c) Presbybop Music

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